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  • Impressive 125 mm full colour LCD screen (approx 5”), ultra bright, high resolution and anti-reflective for easy viewing even in direct sunlight
  • Custom data view with custom graphic
  • Pre-setted screens for monitoring all the engine parameters
  • Composite Video Input for camera connection
  • FLI - FIRST LIMIT INDICATOR, providing the intelligent sensing of the aircraft/helicopter engine parameters

Picture for demonstration only – Custom graphics available


The FLI supplies the pilot with pertinent information about the engine’s operation based on the phase of flight.

The FLI enables pilots to view the appropriate engine instrument data that is most applicable for a particular aspect of the aircraft/helicopter operation. Different data will be displayed more prominently when pilots need to be informed of other pertinent information – such as critical power settings or when operating limits are exceeded.

FLI display technology significantly improves safety through reduced pilot workload, improved cockpit situational awareness and more rapid identification of engine operating parameters. It takes full advantage by eliminating individual engine instruments and assimilating data so that pilots do not have the challenge of monitoring multiple indicators.


Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth* (mm) Weight (kg)
134,5 103,9 20,2 0,3

* Connectors excluded
Housing IP67 rated
1 x 34 pin waterproof connector
1 x Mini USB port